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Ps-1. By "the book" is meant only the paper version, in both the Dutch and the English version;
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Ps-2. "Seijseners" means all members of the family tribe, including all variations of the name.

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Juli 7th 2020

Passed on by: Bob John Seijsener and Gracia Beijer
Concerns person: Family coat of Arms
News / Fact:Familiewapen Seijsener
Bob John and Gracia had an official family Coat of Arms (CoA) designed for the Seijsener family.
This coat of arms may be used officially and is registered with the official heraldic authorities.

Unfortunately it was too late to include this CoA in the book; it would lose a lot of quality in gray-black tones compared to the original in full color.

In order to have access to it, Gracia and Bob decided to make the design available as a bookmark. This bookmark can be downloaded and printed. Preferably on some firmer paper (100-120 grams). After the bookmark is cut out, it can be folded in half on the dotted line. In this way you can produce your own "Seijsener" bookmark almost free of charge. If you have the opportunity to laminate the bookmark, the result will be even better!

The bookmark explains in Dutch heraldic terms how the family CoA was created; due to the technical terms, this has not been translated into English. On the back is a (bilingual) small description of the Zizenits-Seijsener family.
You can download the bookmark here

To my regret, a nasty, unintentional (English) translation error occurred in the first version. The word "exist" was mistakenly stated as "extinct", which in that context would mean that the family name Seijsener " is extinct " (instead of " still exists "). The current version does contain the correct translation.

For the English reader, a small explanation of the meaning of the CoA:

  • The 2 French lilies (Fleur-de-Lys) originate from the coat of arms of the Municipality of Hillegom;

  • The corrugated red crossbar comes from the coat of arms of the Municipality of Borsum, where the first Zizenits lived;

  • Three tulips above the helmet; this is because many Seijseners are and were employed as owners or servants in flower bulb cultivation.


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