Van Zizenits tot Seijsener  From Zizenits to Seijsener

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You can submit additions or corrections via this page.
All mutations that have been passed on are displayed in chronological order on the "News" page, so that you have a running
current file of the family tree. In printed books, an errata list (printing error list) often appears at the next print,
but I solved it this way in this age of increasing digitization.
Ps-1. By "the book" is meant both the digital and the paper version, in both the Dutch and English versions.
Ps-2. By "Seijseners" is meant all members of the family tribe, including all variations on the name.
Ps-3. Please consult the "View Additions / Corrections" page before submitting a mutation; this may already be known.


An addition is the passing on of (data of) persons who do not yet appear in the book; what can you add here in addition?

  1. Children born after the book was published, or previously born, but not yet in the book.
  2. Partners who: (a) are married to a Seijsener, (b) have moved in together or (c) have entered another relationship form and which partner does not yet appear in the book.
  3. Parents of the partners mentioned in point 2.
  4. Names of parents of existing partners of Seijseners, if those parents are not yet included in the book.
  5. Children born of the relationships of the persons mentioned in point 2.
  6. Photos, documents, facts, anecdotes, things worth knowing about persons that have not yet been included with the person concerned.

Picture: Leidsestraat end 19th, beginning 20th century.



A correction is to correct an error found in the book.
Which corrections can be made?

  1. Incorrect spelling of first and / or last name; keep in mind that I write down the names according to the genealogical agreements, namely the name as it is mentioned in the oldest document found. If in later deeds the name is written differently, or if the person signs a deed with a different spelled name, this name will be published on my Geneanet site (https://gw.geneanet.org/dickduck) listed as an 'alias', but this name is not included in the book.
  2. Errors in baptism or birth dates; Before 1812, birth dates were leading (via the church registers) and after that date, the dates of birth are leading via the data from the Civil Registry. With baptism data found before 1812, the birth data (place and date) are often stated as "approximately", because these were not always included in the baptismal registers.
  3. Incorrect information from parents of Seijseners partners; these data have not always been verified via the certificates and / or data of the Civil Registry.
    If these parents are not yet in the book, they can be passed on via "Additions".
  4. Data of children of Seijseners, born from 1910. Due to the privacy legislation (GPDR), birth certificates from the last 100 years cannot be consulted. Of these children, only the nicknames are often known and in some cases even the date of birth is not known. These data are relevant to identify a person.
  5. Details of deceased persons, who are not yet listed as deceased in the book. Here too, it is not possible to consult deeds younger than 50 years of age in cases of death by the GDPR.
  6. Details of Seijseners wedding dates, which are not yet mentioned in the book. As with the 2 previous points, it is not possible to consult documents younger than 75 years due to the GPDR.
  7. Photos, documents, facts, anecdotes, facts about persons that have not yet been included with the person concerneds.

When passing on additions or corrections, please provide as much information as possible about the persons concerned. This is of course as far as these data are known.
Examples are: Names (baptismal / nicknames); date / place of birth; possibly wedding date / place and death date / place. But, on the other hand, I am already happy with every shred of information that comes in this way.
Also consider mentioning a personal number (e.g. VII-aa) or a page number to which the report relates. This is because several names occur more then one time.

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