Van Zizenits tot Seijsener  From Zizenits to Seijsener

Obtain the digital family tree and / or the printed book


The family tree of the Seijsener family has taken almost two years of preparation. Via various sources and with the
cooperation of dozens of Seijseners I published this family tree as a book. This book is available in two versions:
as a digital version and as a printed version ('tangible' book).
The digital version has already been made available [free] to those who have provided information about the book.

Difference digital and printed version

Of course there are (big) differences between the digital and the printed version.
Below you will find what has been added (extra) in the printed version compared to the digital version..

Information in the book



How can you obtain one of these books?

Specially designed cover in colour


Digital version

The digital version can be requested by mail: click here.
If this somehow fails, please manually send an email to the email address shown here.Emailadres
Mention as subject "DIGITAL BOOK" and in the body of the mail your own name and e-mail address where you want to receive this document.
You then receive a - watermarked - document in PDF format. You can then save, print or simply view this file.
For other then Dutch residents this digital book is free of charge.

The printed version

The printed version can only be ordered through Amazon.com. It is also available through Amazon.de (Germany), but they do not deliver to all countries.

You can order the book directly from the publisher www.Amazon.com (USA) and pay the selling price ±  € 23,00 plus any shipping costs (see website Amazon.com). The price depends on the exchange rate of the dollar, so it can vary.

If you want to order the book from this publisher, you can do this via the direct link Amazon or visit WWW.Amazon.com en search for "375 years Seijsener".

Due to the limited edition, the book will not be available through bookstores.

Simple cover in black and white


Information about the author and his research method

Preface 375 years Seijsener (how it started)

Introduction Zizenits (ancestors; migration to the Netherlands)

Complete family tree of the Seijsener (including children, wives / in-laws) with names and dates

Photos (portraits, family photos, funerary monuments, obituaries, etc.)


Deeds (birth, baptism, marriage, divorce, death, funeral)


Children of married female Seijsener's


Things worth knowing, facts, additional information


Index of persons with reference to the persons concerned

Statistics (data on names, professions, geographical distribution, etc.)


Overview of all descendants of Conradus Zizenits


Number of pages of the respective version



Sample of printed book

A small example of the printed book can be viewed via the link below. A number of pages show what this book will look like.
Click here .

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