Van Zizenits tot Seijsener  From Zizenits to Seijsener

Overview of corrections & supplements


Since the publication of the book, the following corrections and supplements have been made.
Ps-1. By "the book" is meant both the digital and the paper version, in both the Dutch and the English version.
Ps-2. "Seijseners" means all members of the family tribe, including all variations of the name.

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Supplement / correction - Details

May 2, 2020

Received from: Obituary notice
Concerns person: Cornelia Josephina Magdalenia Seijsener [VIII-bu) Mentioned as Cornelia Josephina Maria Seijsener by mistake
Mutation: Cornelia died on May 2, 2020 in Raalte, leaving behind:

  • Her husband Piere Saraber

  • Her children Jan Brouwer, Nelleke Brouwer, Aad Brouwer, Peter Brouwer, Angelo Saraber and Pierre Saraber Jr and their partners

  • Her grandchildren Amber, Victor (†), Grietje, Gijs, Minneke, Quirien, Max, Tess, Britt, Ignátio, Benoît, Thérèse and Lorenzo

  • Her great-grandchildren Bram, Koen, Oskar, Rosa and Hugo

May 16 2020

Recieved from: Lidy Seysener
Concerns person: her household
Mutatie: Lidy sent in some wedding photos of herself and her children, which unfortunately could be included in the book by the expiration of the deadline. Below are the references to these photos, which will open in a separate pop-up.

June 17 2020

Received from: Sander Paap
Concerns person: Adriana Anna (Jeanne) Seijsener (VII-an)
Mutatie: Sander Paap is the great grandson of Jan Seijsener and Cornelia Kaptijn.
Through him I received the names of the (grand) children of his grandmother. This grandmother, Adriana Anna (Jeanne) Seijsener was married to Albertus Veldhuis. Seven children were born from this marriage:

  1. Co Veldhuis, born ± 1922

  2. Johanna Maria (Hanny) Veldhuis, born october 18, 1932, died march 25, 2019 in Beverwijk, married june 21, 1958 to Wilhelmus Johannes (Wim) Paap; 1 son (Sander Alexander Maria Paap)

  3. Corrie Veldhuis

  4. Margaretha Maria (Gré) Veldhuis

  5. Bertus Veldhuis

  6. Sjaan Veldhuis

  7. Margaretha Maria (Margriet) Veldhuis

July 1, 2020

Received from: Frans Seijsener
Concerns person: Couple Johannes Antonius Seijsener and Anna-Maria Benvenuti [IX-aw]
Mutation: De date of their marriage was August 17, 1964, instead of August 19, 1964.

July 1, 2020

Received from: Jos Seijsener
Concerns person: Bram Seijsener and Kim van Herp [X-ad]
Mutation: April 27, 2020 their daughter Fenne was born in Bredam Noord-Brabant, Nederland.

July 19, 2020

Received from: Bianca Maria Wilhelmina Seijsener
Concerns person: Children of Johannes Petrus Maria Seijsener [IX-bp]

  • The date of birth of Bianca Maria Wilhelmina Seijsener is 24 February 1982 . The book erroneously reads 14 February 1982

  • The first names of the mentioned Johannes Hendricus Seijsener are in reality Gertjan Johannes Hendricus

August 6, 2020

Received from: Koos Seijsener (IX-bu)
Concerns person: Martijn Seijsener (X-as) and Miranda Seijsener (X-at)
Mutation: Martijn Seijsener and Masoumeh Kangarani are not married, but live in legal cohabitation
       Miranda Seijsener and Johan van Dam are not married, but live in legal cohabitation.

Augustus 6, 2020

Received from: Koos Seijsener (IX-bu)
Concerns person: Family of Koos himself
Mutation: Koos has sent a number of photos, the most important of which I listed here:

October 2, 2020

Received from: A.H.C.M. (Alphons) Maas
Concerns person: Johanna Cornelia Seijsener [IX-aq]
Mutation: Photo marriage de Jong-Seijsener
Alphons Maas sent me this photo, which was taken on January 20, 1962 at the wedding of Johanna Cornelia Seijsener and Quirinus Johannes de Jong. On the photo from left to right: Hendrik Arnoldus (Henk) Seijsener: father of the bride; Johanna Geertruida (Jo) Schipperheijn, (steph)mother of the bride; Quirinus Johannes de Jong, bridegroom; Johanna Cornelia Seijsener, bride; Maria Cornelia Pieterse, mother of the groom en Johannes de Jong, father of the groom. The names of the children in the foreground are not known.
Quirinus Johannes de Jong is the founder of what is now "De Jong Kampeer & Recreatie" in the Zilk (Noordwijkerhout).

October 10, 2020

Received from: Dick Zwaan
Concerns person: Cornelia Sybilla Seijsener (Lia) [IX-ay]
Mutatie: Obituary Lia Seijsener
Lia passed away on October 2, 2020. See obituary.

December 12 2020

Received from: Dick Zwaan
Concerns: Helena Wilhelmina Seijsener [IX-aa]

Helena Wilhelmina Seijsener passed away in Hillegom on December 6, 2020.
The inscription in the obituary shows that Helena Wilhemlina Seijsener had descendants.
As far as correctly interpreted, these are the following (grand) children.

  1. A daughter named Jolanda Lammers, married to Tom and their children:

    1.  Naomi

    2.  Brigit

  2. A son named Toby Lammers, married to Saar and their children:

    1.  Mick Lammers

    2.  Joey Lammers

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